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‘Threatened’ Birds Coexist With Development in Other States

Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal; By: Andy Marso

After the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the Florida Scrub-Jay as “threatened,” one of the bird’s unlikely heroes turned out to be a phosphate mining company.

Mosaic Fertilizer obtained permission to mine on 40 acres that were home to 12 scrub-jay families by working with conservationists and scientists on a habitat mitigation plan. Today, the land the fertilizer company mitigated is home to 29 scrub-jay families, according to Reed Bowman, of the Archibold Biological Station in Venus, Fla.

“That result has been hugely positive,” said Bowman, an associate research biologist. “They got to develop their land, and they probably have recouped the value of the mitigation they did in the P.R. for doing a great job. It was a net plus-plus for everybody.”

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