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Mosaic Fertilizer’s Response to Inaccurate Tampa Bay Times Article

The allegations in Mr. Pittman’s February 10 article titled “Mosaic, state should have seen sinkhole forming, experts say,” are fundamentally wrong. The water level increases cited in his article were observed in a location that is in no way related to the recent sinkhole at Mosaic Fertilizer’s New Wales facility.

The water level data are from Mosaic Fertilizer’s closed North gypstack, not its active stack to the south. They resulted from grouting operations of that stack and were expected and intended. Mosaic performed that work subject to FDEP’s oversight. Beyond that, the water level data were collected in the confining layer below the gypstack, not the Floridan aquifer. The Floridan aquifer monitoring performed during those grouting activities continued to show normal variations in water level, and that aquifer was unaffected by the grouting activities.

It is appalling that Mr. Pittman continues to provide a platform for false information. Responsible journalists check facts from multiple sources to get to the truth before they accuse a company of negligence. That did not happen here.