Mosaic News

Manatee County Commission Approves Mosaic’s Rezone Request

This is a great day for Manatee County, our more than 3,500 Florida employees, and farmers across America who rely on the products we produce right here in the Sunshine State.

The permit approved by the Manatee County Commission paves the way for us to help support the local economy. It also secures tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue for local schools and other public services, and strongly supports long-term environmental stewardship.

Under this permit, hundreds of acres of land will be placed in perpetual conservation. Every acre we use will be reclaimed. Once completed, our reclamation project will reconnect and restore wetlands systems that were impacted decades ago.

We appreciate the input that we have received from community leaders, neighbors and environmental groups. Those collaborations resulted in permit terms protecting the environment, placing hundreds of acres of land in perpetual conservation, and ultimately allowing our reclamation efforts to reconnect local wetlands.

On most issues of significance, differences of opinion are to be expected. Over time, we hope to earn the support of those who opposed this permit, because our work in Florida is important. It is important for the economy of our region as well as for farmers and families across this country, and we are committed to the plans in this permit.

We look forward to a long and productive partnership with Manatee County that supports the local economy, delivers an essential product to farmers, protects the environment, and does right by our neighbors.