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Beth Niec, Senior Manager - Mine Permitting

Beth joined Mosaic in May 2007 and was primarily responsible for helping complete permit applications, including post reclamation design, clay balance, sand balance, and other requirements. Today, Beth serves as lead on Mosaic’s Manatee County permitting activities. Ask Beth if you have questions about the Wingate East project.
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Jay Matteson, Mine Permitting Engineer

Jay has primarily been responsible for the permitting efforts associated with the Wingate Creek mine site in Manatee County. These projects include the Wingate Extension and the Wingate East site. Ask Jay if you have questions about either of these projects
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Bill Brammell, Ecologist III

With Mosaic since 2011, Bill provides environmental and ecological support to both the Wingate Extension and Wingate East projects. Ask Bill if you have any questions about the ecological and environmental aspects of the projects.
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Jackie Barron, Public Affairs Manager

Jackie joined Mosaic in 2011 after a lengthy career as a television reporter covering Manatee and Sarasota counties for the local NBC affiliate. In her role as Public Affairs Manager, Jackie is primarily responsible for community engagement and maintaining positive relations with our neighbors in Manatee County. Ask Jackie for more information about how Mosaic is contributing to the local community or if you have general questions about the company.
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