Mosaic in Manatee

The Mosaic Company is the world’s leading maker of phosphate and potash crop nutrients, two essential ingredients we produce to help the world grow the food it needs. Since forming in 2004, we have worked hard to demonstrate our commitment to being a good neighbor and partner, placing safety and environmental stewardship at the top of our priorities and challenging our people to be the best they can be, both on and off the job.

In March 2014 Mosaic welcomed CF Industries’ phosphate employees and assets to the Mosaic team, a strategic step aimed at strengthening phosphate operations in Florida. The acquisition included phosphate mining operations and a beneficiation plant in Hardee County, a phosphate manufacturing facility in Plant City, and an ammonia terminal and finished product warehouse operation in Tampa.

Mosaic is committed to helping Manatee County grow.  Every day, our company and employees make meaningful contributions including their time, knowledge and resources to local organizations focused on building stronger communities.

From the relationships we’ve built through sponsorships of staple events like Meals on Wheels’ Tropical Nights and Snooty’s Birthday at the South Florida Museum to the hundreds of hours our employees volunteer for events like the Manatee County Fair and Keep Manatee Beautiful – everyday, our people make a positive, significant impact in the communities where we live and operate.

Strengthening the Local Community

Who we are is about so much more than what we produce.

At Mosaic, we believe that nurturing relationships is just as important as nourishing crops. And, it’s this commitment to being a good neighbor that motivates our employees to give their time and energy in support of countless activities throughout Manatee County.

Investing in the communities where we operate is one of Mosaic’s core values. Through programs, activities and sponsorships that focus on food and agriculture, the environment and education, Mosaic makes a difference in Manatee County by providing support to:

  • The Manatee County Chamber of Commerce
    • Leadership Manatee
    • Annual Dinner
    • Monthly Luncheons
  • United Way of Manatee County
  • The South Florida Museum
  • Manatee Education Foundation
  • Manatee County Public Schools
  • Florida Railroad Museum
  • Duette Community Association
  • Myakka Christmas Parade

In May 2012, The Mosaic Company Foundation launched a sustainable community giving program through a new online grant system. To learn more about this program and our community partners in Florida, please download our fact sheet by clicking here.

Improving the Local Economy

As a leader in our industry, Mosaic employs thousands of Floridians. Tens of thousands more jobs are supported by our operations. But our economic impact goes far beyond supplying jobs. Mosaic also provides funding support for local cities, counties and schools.

Mosaic donated the reclaimed land and all construction costs for an 8,785-square-foot fire station and adjacent 80-acre community park to serve our neighbors in Duette. The agreement also includes a three-year commitment by Mosaic to fund the operation and maintenance of the park.

Continuing to Operate Responsibly

Since 1975, the phosphate industry has been required, by law, to reclaim every acre of land we mine. At Mosaic, we understand the delicate balance that exists between feeding the world’s population and minimizing environmental impacts from our operations.

Our reclamation teams work tirelessly to ensure that once their work is complete, the land successfully returns to productive use. In fact, the Duette Fire Station and Park are excellent examples of how reclaimed land can be put to good use for an entire community.

Mosaic employs a science-based approach to mine reclamation so that reclaimed habitat and wetlands not only look beautiful, but function together, creating watersheds and connected wildlife corridors. Our goal is to achieve continuous improvement in our reclamation practices by using the best available technology and pioneering new approaches to reclamation. As a result of stronger regulatory requirements and voluntary improvements in our practices, today’s phosphate industry is reclaiming land to higher standards than ever before, and we take pride in getting better at it every day.