Just the Facts


  • Total Parcel Size = ±3,635 acres
    • Area Eligible for Mining = ±3,020 acres
    • Area Not Included: Wingate Utility Corridor = ±50 acres


  • 29% Agriculture
  • 18% Rangeland
  • 24% Upland Forests
  • 1% Water
  • 27% Wetlands
  • 1% Transportation/Utilities


  • $16,000,000 estimated Ad Valorem taxes to be paid to Manatee County over the life of the project.
  • $6,000,000 estimated severance tax to be paid to Manatee County over the life of the project (based on area eligible for mining, amount will fluctuate based upon actual mined areas).
  • Post-reclamation land uses will create value and economic opportunities for agriculture, recreation, residential, and commercial development.


  • The 25 Year floodplains and 100 Year floodplains of the West Fork Horse Creek and Myakka River will both be avoided.
  • 387 acres of USACE jurisdictional wetlands of which 334 acres are mature diverse forested wetlands.
  • 13,376 linear feet of USACE jurisdictional streams.


  • Every acre mined will be reclaimed.
  • Pre-mining and post reclamation hydrology, land use, soils and vegetation will be addressed.
  • Bonding requirements to cover reclamation costs will be met as required by The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and Manatee County Mined acreage will be reclaimed as herbaceous and forested wetlands, wet prairie, pine flatwoods, other types of upland forests, and pasture. No lakes are planned for Wingate East.


  • Wildlife surveys and monitoring conducted on-site since 2006.

Wildlife species onsite to be managed include Gopher Tortoise, Gopher Frog, Florida Mouse, Florida Burrowing Owl, Florida Sandhill Crane, and Sherman’s Fox Squirrel.

Protected species will be managed according to Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service guidelines, or approved management plans.

    • In 2010, a family of scrub jays was translocated from the site to Mosaic’s scrub jay preserve in eastern Manatee County.


  • SWFWMD Water Use Permit has been issued.
  • Stormwater is managed on-site, with excess water released through regulated discharge points that are controlled and monitored to meet state water quality standards.
  • A regulated system of monitoring wells, berms and recharge ditches will protect adjacent property and undisturbed areas.


  • In accordance with Manatee County’s phosphate mining ordinance a mining setback at least 1,000 feet from the Winding Creek Subdivision residences or 500 feet from the property line will be observed.
  • In addition, approximately 700 feet along the western boundary of this subdivision will be avoided to buffer this community.


US Army Corp of Engineers – Clean Water Act Section 404 DA permit.

Mosaic must obtain the following approvals or authorizations from federal, state, or local governments to mine and reclaim the Wingate Mine site. Mosaic intends to submit applications to the respective agencies while the Corps is reviewing this application.

  • USFWS – Threatened and Endangered Species Authorization
  • FDEP – Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) obtained from FDEP
  • FDEP – Industrial Wastewater Facility Permit (NPDES)
  • FDEP – Conceptual Reclamation Plan
  • SWFWMD – Water Use Permit – Issued
  • Manatee County Commission – Zoning/Land Use
  • Manatee County Commission – Master Mining & Operating Permit


→    Beth Niec, Manager Mine Permitting

→    Jay Matteson, Senior Mine Permitting Engineer

→    Bill Brammell, Ecologist III

→    Jackie Barron, Public Affairs Manager

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